Secanj (RS)

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Sečanj (Serbian Cyrillic: Сечањ; Hungarian: Torontálszécsány) is a village and municipality (13,282 inhabitants in 2011) in Central Banat District of Vojvodina, Serbia. The village has a population of 2,373. Jaša Tomić (Cyrillic: Јаша Томић) is a small town (2,382 inhabitants in 2011) located in the municipality of Sečanj. Jaša Tomić was named MODOS.

Historically in the Kingdom of Hungary, Torontál County. In November 1918, the army of the Kingdom of Serbia entered Modoš. However, in July 1919, the town was assigned to Romania. In 1924, the town, together with a few other settlements, was returned to the (Yugoslavia) Kingdom in exchange for the town of Jimbolia and a few other settlements, which were transferred to Romania.

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Postmark Example

Postmarks in Kingdom of Hungary (1867-1918)

The TORONTÁL-SZECSAN post office opened end 1867.

TORONTÁL-SZECSAN in 1871, before stamps of the Kingdom.
MODOS in the Kingdom of Hungary in 1890.

Postmark in Austrian Empire Temes District

The MODOS post-office opened on 15 July 1850.

MODOS in 1858.