Showa Station (AQ)

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Showa Station (Japanese: 昭和基地 Hepburn: Shōwa Kichi), sometimes alternately spelled Syowa Station, is a Japanese permanent research station on East Ongul Island in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.

Built in 1957, Showa Station is named for the era in the Japanese calendar during which it was established, the Shōwa period. Showa Station serves as a research outpost for astronomy, meteorology, biology and earth sciences. It comprises over 60 separate buildings, large and small, including a 3-storey administration building, living quarters, power plant, sewage treatment facility, environmental science building, observatory, data processing facility, satellite building, ionospheric station, incinerator, earth science building, and radiosonde station. Also present are fuel tanks, water storage, solar panels, a heliport, water retention dam, and radio transmitter.

Postmark Examples

Cover carried to the Showa Antarctic Research Station (Showa Kichi) and cancelled there on 16 December, 1984 (59th year of Showa reign) with a domestic comb datestamp and a scenic datestamp. The Tokyo datestamp of 26 April (IV) 1985 is an overseas-style (mikazuki - "crescent", sometimes called "swordguard") Roman letter marking, for transit to the addressee in Duisburg Germany.