South Africa 2015 World Post Day

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 11th November 2015
  • five values in a sheetlet
  • Designed by : Peter Sibanda
  • Printed by : Thai-British Security Printing
  • Print process : lithography
  • stamp format height 29mm x width 38mm. Sheet format height 110mm x width 126mm
  • Perforations : 13 X 13

World Post Day (October 9). South African postal services

Note: this issue was delayed from the originally intended 9th October 2015 (date on FDC)


- (3.30r) ~ electronic mail services (including electronically signed communications) - computer sending missive to printer, print-out placed in envelope; post van collecting from post office (Retail Post Agency)
- (3.30r) ~ parcel services: EMS, EASIPOST and Speed Services Courier (air) packages
- (3.30r) ~ electronic services - ‘Pay a Bill’ and ‘Mzansi Money Transfer’: electronic keyboard; hand holding account (debit/credit) card; road tax licence disc with date-stamp 2016.10.09
- (3.30r) ~ historic postal services: aircraft of Springbok Air Service (70th anniversary), and sailing ship (bicentenary of mail boat service)
- (3.30r) ~ historic postal services: the Cullinan diamond posted to London as an ordinary registered parcel, in 1905: package and diamond

Stamps from sheetlet

Southafrica20151111 Post Day a.jpg
Southafrica20151111 Post Day b.jpg
Southafrica20151111 Post Day c.jpg
Southafrica20151111 Post Day d.jpg
Southafrica20151111 Post Day e.jpg


sheetlet of five