St Helena 1922 Definitives (Multi Script CA)

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date: June 1922-1937
  • Designed by: T Bruce
  • Printed by :De La Rue
  • Print Process: Typography
  • Sheet Format:
  • Stamp Size: 28.58mm x 32.82 mm
  • Perforations:14.0
  • For Ascension Stamps with same design Click on: Ascension 1924 Definitives

1922 issue

1d green Yv58
6d red-lilac Yv59
1s brown Yv60
7s 6d orange Yv61
10s olive Yv62
15s on blue, rare Yv63
₤1 wmrk CA multiple Yv67

1923 & later issues

.5d Yv69 Mi64
1.5d Mi66
2d Mi67
3d Mi68
5d 1927 Mi69
8d Mi71
1s 6d 1927 Mi73
2s 1927 Mi74
2s 6d 1927 Mi75
5s Yv77 1927 Mi76