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Our 383,000th added file image; is a 2d Blue thin lines from Plate 15 lettered PD. Uploaded by user Pennyred2.

NOW OVER 380,000 IMAGES. WOW! Thank you all Contributors
Current Site Stats - 27,789 pages containing 383,712 images with a total of 915,093 edits made.

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The ONLY Website that offers Full Listings of the
Great Britain Line Engraved QV 1d Black, Red and 2d Blues BY PLATE and POSITION.
That you can add your images to.

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Project Pages Engravers (WEPA) & Designers, World Postmarks, Machins, Exhibits & Articles, GB Line Engraved

We have now completed the GB Line Engraved Plates (Die I and Die II) and welcome help to build up the images. This will be the only online source of full plates of the stamps currently. Please feel free to try uploading an image into its placeholder on the plate pages. As these are added to, the Lettering pages for the stamps will automatically complete themselves. Spread the word, its easy and free to display your stamps.Line Engraved

In conjunction with the Engravers Study Group which is affiliated to the American Topical Association, we have started categorising stamps by their engravers, to build up content. Engravers (ATA).
This goes hand in hand with the newly started categorisation by Stamp Designers also being edited by the same group.
An exciting new postmark project has been started on Stamps of the World! Please go to Postmarks to create a new postmark name or to see the countries we have listed so far. Or try watching the how to video first how to postmark video Our goal is to have a page for each town and on this page show its location, a description and examples of covers and stamps showing clear postmarks from the town. As with all pages on the wiki the level of information will be down to what we have to add as a community. Postmarks and postal history complements what we are already doing on the wiki and we look forward to seeing your contributions. You can also create Articles or Exhibits.

Or you may want to look at a long running series in detail and break it down into manageable pages like Machins which are broken down into issues and values. For example Feb 1968 Machins or as single values over different issues Machins by Value.

How can you help?

How you can Help

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