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Although we keep an eye out on every edit that is made on this wiki we cannot guarantee any information is correct. If you notice something out of place use the Discussion tab to talk the issue.

Images are copyrighted by their respective stamp issuers and we thank all the contributors over time for allowing this site to use their images as a visual reference. Images come from a variety of sources such as email, the web and personal scans. If you feel an image of yours is being used on the site without your permission please accept our apologies and send us a note to have it removed. We do urge people to only use their own scans or those that they have permission to use. Remember this is a free resource and if you find an image of yours being mistakenly used, before asking us to remove it we would be happy to place a link to your website or store as the source of the file.

Stamps of the World will never use your details for spam or sell them onto a third party. We recommend users register on this site so that information added can be attributed to them.