Straubing (DE)

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Straubing is an town (47,794 inhabitants end 2018) in Lower Bavaria, southern Germany. It is seat of the district of Straubing-Bogen. Annually in August the Gäubodenvolksfest, the second largest fair in Bavaria, is held.

The city is located on the Danube forming the centre of the loess region Gäuboden.

Strabing uses post codes 94301–94315 today.

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Germany Bundespost

Briefzentrum 94 (centralized post office) opened in 1994.

STRAUBING - Region der Nachwachsenden Rohstoffe (Renewables). Briefzentrum 94 on 16 August 2019.

Allied Occupation

STRAUBING 1 f 8.8.45.

German Empire era

Bavaria State era

Until 31 March 1920.

A post office (Postverwaltung) opened in 1808. It used numerals 336 and 508 (in 1861) within a mill wheel (Mühlrad). It used stamps issued by the Bavaria (Bayern) State until 1920.