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Bad Cannstatt, formerly just "Cannstatt" or "Kannstadt" (until 1900), is one of the outer stadtbezirke, or city districts, of Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Bad Cannstatt is the oldest and most populous of Stuttgart's districts, and one of the most historically significant towns in the area of Stuttgart. The town is home to the Cannstatter Wasen and Cannstatter Volksfest beer festivals, the Mercedes-Benz Arena (VfB Stuttgart), the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, and the Porsche-Arena.

In the past, Bad Cannstatt has been known as simply Cannstatt or Kannstatt, Cannstadt, Canstatt, Kanstatt, and Condistat. Its name was changed to mention the town's spas on 23 July 1933. Cannstatt's name originates from a Castra stativa, Cannstatt Castrum, the massive Roman Castra that was erected on the hilly ridge in 90 AD to protect the valuable river crossing and local trade.

Bad Cannstatt had a population of 69,543 at the end of 2015.

Postmarks in Germany

Post codes 70331-70378.

Allied Occupation


Postmarks in the Empire of Germany

After 1 January 1903.

Postamt No1 in 1915.

Postmarks on the Kingdom of Württemberg issues