Sweden 1971 Container Transport, Timber Transport and Windmill

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 04 June 1971 - 1976
  • three values in various types
  • Designed by :
  • Printed by :
  • Print process : recess
  • stamp format height 22mm x width 44mm (55øre) or height 22mm x width 31mm (65øre, 75øre)
  • Perforations : imperf x 12.25 (4th June 1971 coils), or as stated

Container Transport, Timber Transport, and Öland windmill

55øre ~ Scandiahammen, the container port of Göteborg

  • engraved by Czeslaw Slania
  • imperforate x perforation 12.25, from coils, fluorescent paper
  • also issued in 5.50kr booklet, stamps perforation 12.25 x imperforate (ie imperf on vertical side)

65øre ~ horse hauling sled of logs

  • imperforate x perforation 12.25, on fluorescent paper, from coils
  • also reissued on normal (non-fluorescent) paper December 1976, from coils

75øre ~ windmill on Öland (1746). Engraved by Arne Wallhorn

  • imperforate x perforation 12.25 (ie imperf on horizontal sides), from coils. Fluorescent paper
  • also reissued in 7.50kr booklet 5th June 1972, stamps imperforate on one vertical side (either left or right)

Coil stamps

55øre coil, 1971
65øre coil, 1971
75øre coil, 1971

Booklet stamps

55øre ex booklet, 1971
5.50kr booklet, 1971: cover
pair of 75øre ex booklet, 1972
7.50kr booklet, 1972, cover

First Day Covers

55øre FDC 4th June 1971
75øre FDC 4th June 1971
75øre FDC 5th June 1972, pair ex booklet