Sweden 1973 Save Our Animals

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 24th October 1973
  • six values in a booklet pane of 12
  • Designs :
  • Engraving: Zlatko Jakus (10øre, 65øre, 75øre); Arne Wallhorn (55øre); Majvor Franzén (20øre, 25øre)
  • Print process : recess
  • stamp format height 24½mm x width 22mm
  • Perforations : 12½ on three sides and one imperf edge (each stamp either imperf left or imperf right)

'Save Our Animals' (Conservation Campaign)

Booklet 5.00kr, contains twelve stamps (two vertical strips of six designs) with left and right sides of pane imperf, mounted sideways in booklet cover by top selvedge
10øre ~ grey seal; 20øre peregrine falcon; 25øre lynx; 55øre European otter; 65øre wolf; 75ø white-tailed sea eagle
cover depicts animal

printed on cream coloured paper

  • these stamps were re-released in 1978 printed on very distinctive white paper, of considerably greater scarcity

Booklet stamps

strip of six ex booklet pane