Sweden 1990 Viking Life

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  • Label : "Sweden Posten"; 1990; commemorative stamps of the issue "Viking Life";

(issue of 1 se-tenant à 8 different stamps and 1 booklet of thid se-tenant)

Stamp datas:

  • Catalogue numers : Michel: No. 1592-1599 (stamp booklet: No. 149); Yvert & Tellier: No. 1575-1582; Scott: No. 1801-1808; AFA: No. 1539-1546
  • Color : multicolored
  • Watermark : none
  • Nominal value : 20 (SKR) = 8 x 2.50 (SKR)
  • Postage validity : since 28 March 1990
  • Designed by : Svenolov Ehrén (1927-2004)
  • Engraved by : Czeslas Slania (1921-2005)
  • Printed by : "PFA Stamp Printing Works", Kista (Sweden) (Printery of the Swedish Post Office Philatelic Department)
  • Print process : Offset printing and recess printing, combined, on luminescent paper
  • Perforation : 3-sided, comb perforation, K 12¼ : 12¾
  • Print run : 2,030,000 se-tenants à 8 different stamps
  • Stam size :
- printed area of a single stmp without signature line (the 4 outer stamps) : 32.5 x 26.5 mm
- printed area as distance between the innertangents of the perforation lines without frame and signature line) (the 4 inner stamps): 38.5 x 29.0 mm

Commemorative stamps of the issue "Viking Life";
(issue of 1 se-tenant à 8 different stamps and 1 booklet of thid se-tenant)

Single stamps


Michel No. 1592, mint
Michel Bo. 1595, mint
Michel No. 1596, mint
Michel No. 1599, mint
Se-tenant Michel No. 1593-1594-1597-1598, mint


Michel No. 1592, postmarked
Michel No. 1595, postmarked
Michel No. 1597, postmarked
Michel No. 1599, postmarked
File:Sweden 1990 Viking Life 5a1.jpg
Se-tenant Michel No. ZD1593-1594-1597-1598, postmarked

Se-tenant, total


Total se-tenent of this issue, mint


Michel No. 1593-1594-1597-1598ST, postmarked



Booklet Michel No. 149 to this issue, mint


File:Sweden 1990 Viking Life 6a1.jpg
Michel No. 149MH, postmarked

First Day Cover

Sweden 1990 Viking Life fdc.jpg

To the stamp motives:
All stamp motives show the Viking life in Sweden, the depictions are artifical reproductions of artefacts founded in Sigtuna (the old capital of Sweden), Birka and Helgö at the Lake Mälaren, and from Lunda.
- 2.50 (SKR) (outer, left, upper) : Head of a Viking (founded in Sigtuna), and a dagon‘s head on a steatite mould, founded at Birka
- 2.50 (SKR) (outer, left, below) : Bishop‘s crozier from Western Europe, found at Helgö, and a stag of fine gold thread, embroidered on Byzantine silk (or eastern from that), founded in Birka
- 2.50 (SKR) x 4 (inner middle-field se-tenant à 4 stamps) : Illustration to the life in Birka in the Mälaren valley around 870
- 2.50 (SKR) (outer, right, upper) : Figure of "Frej" (English: "Frö") from Lunda near Nyköping, and a little silver-crucifix fron the 10th century, founded at Birka
- 2.50 (SKR) (outer, right, below) : Handles of different Viking swords. Viking sword were not large and the most swords were manufactured from iron rods by "pattern-welding" in Swedish smelters and from here imported to the whole Scandianvian country. Such swords were often Frankish origin and were parts of the war booty at campaigns against the Franks or Anglo-Saxonians.