Sweden 1992 Wild Animals

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 30th January 1992
  • two values in a booklet pane of 20 stamps, and three values in coils
  • Designed by : Staffan Ullström
  • Engraving: Lars Sjööblom
  • Printed by : Sweden Post Stamps, Kista
  • Print process (stamps): recess
  • Perforations : as given below

2.80kr ~ roe deer buck, booklet stamp, perf 12.75, imperf at left
2.80kr ~ roe deer doe with fawn, booklet stamp, perf 12.75, imperf at right
2.80kr coil stamp ~ roe deer doe with fawn, imperf x perf 12.75
6kr coil stamp ~ red squirrel, perf 12.75 x imperf
7kr coil stamp ~ elk, perf 12.75 x imperf


roe deer pair from booklet
2.80kr roe deer coil
6kr squirrel coil
7kr elk coil


Sweden 1992 Wild Animals bk.jpg
Sweden 1992 Wild Animals 1bk.jpg

Maximum cards

  • there are four cards in the set, one for each stamp design
maximum card roe deer buck
maximum card roe doe and fawn
maximum card red squirrel
maximum card elk