Switzerland 1921 - 1924 Definitive Issues - New Colors

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date : 1921 - 1924
  • Designed by :
  • Printed by :
  • Print Process : Typo on granite paper
  • Perforations : 11 3/4
  • Catalogue N°s: Yvert (see below) , Michel 162-171


5c red orange on buff paper Yv159 Mi162
5c grey violet on buff paper Yv198 Mi163
25c carmine on buff paper unused Yv163A Mi168
70c blue-violet and brownish Yv207 Mi171


5c grey violet , bridge to be identified in 1925 Mi163
10c green on buff paper Yv161 Mi164
20c purple on buff paper Yv162 Mi165
20c vermilion on buff paper Mi166
25c vermilion on buff paper Yv163 Mi167
File:Switzerland 1921 - 1924 Definitive Issues - New Colors 30c.jpg
30c blue or ultramarine on buff paper Yv205 Mi169
40c blue shades Yv164 Mi170