Syria 1931 Airmail Pictorials

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Air Post Stamps

Original Issue

50c ocher
Plane over Homs
50c black brown
Plane over Homs
Issued: 1933
1p chestnut brown
Plane over City Walls, Damascus
2p Prussian blue
Plane over Euphrates river
3p blue green
Plane over Temple ruins, Palmyra
5p red violet
Plane over Deir-el-Zor
10p slate green
Plane over Damascus
15p orange red
Plane over Citadel of Aleppo
25p orange brown
Plane over Hama
50p black
Plane over Al-Zabadani
100p magenta
Plane over Talbiseh

Overprinted in Red or Black

Issued for Damascus Fair, May 1936

  • Issue Date: 15 April 1936
  • Overprint: in French and Arabic, 1936; FOIRE DE DAMAS
50c black brown (red)
1p chestnut brown (black)
2p Prussian blue (red)
3p blue green (red)
5p red violet (black)

Overprinted in Blue

Issued for 1st congress of Arab lawyers, Damascus, September 1944

  • Issue date: 1944
  • Overprint: image of scales and Arabic writing
15p orange red
25p orange brown
100p magenta

Overprinted in Black

Issued for 1000th anniversary of the Arab poet and philosopher, Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri

  • Issue date: 1944
15p orange red
25p orange brown

Military Air Post Stamps

Free French Administration
Overprinted in black, carmine or orange

  • Issue date: 1942
  • Overprint: triple bars, LIGNES; AERIENNES; F.A.F.L., value, two Lorriane crosses.
4fr on 50p black (carmine)
6.50fr on 50p black (carmine)
8fr on 50p black (orange)
10fr on 100p magenta (black)