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Though this came in unplated I think that this is pretty clear cut - but would appreciate the sanity check - that the attached is plate 1a with black MX cancellation, presumably AS2f User A (normally a signature/date time would be used e.g. > Ian G (talk) 15:59, 9 April 2018 (CDT))

It is 1a - I've seen that stamp before and it was described as 1a then. Very rare indeed. I don't have a plate 11 with a red cross (as you might expect), but I don't have a black MC on a 1a either, despite years of searching. User B

Thanks, User B. I picked this up from a local dealer yesterday, who had purchased a rather large collection last week. In the layout of the collection there was nothing to flag such a scarce beastie - reckon I've recouped my outlay on this one item. User A.

Nice find! User C