Tasmania 1853-1855 Queen Victoria First Issue

From Stamps of the World


  • Issue Dates : August 1853 - 1855
  • Engraved by : C.W. Coard
  • Printed by : H. and C. Best at Courier Newspaper in Hobart
  • Print Process : Recess
  • Perforations : None
  • Watermark: None


1d Values

1853 First Issue of the 1d Blues Printed in 24 units to the sheet in 4 rows of 6.

The first prints was the 1d stamps in two shades, on medium soft yellowish paper with clearly defined engraving.

1d Pale Blue

The second prints were on harder white paper, however the engraving appears less sharp, more blurred and plates look worn.

4d Values

1853-1855 First Issue of the 4d Reds Printed in 24 units to the sheet in 4 rows of 6.

Plate I First State

The first printings of the 4d values show thin clearly defined network and background. (1853)

Colours are 'brilliant'

Plate I Second State

The second state printings of the 4d values show that the plate wore quickly and the lines of the design and background suffered blurring due to wear. (late 1853 / early 1854)

Colours are not 'brilliant'


4d Red-orange

Plate II

In 1855 a second Plate was produced however this had course engraving, which resulted in the background and networking appearing blurred and worn when printed.

4d Dull Orange