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Trieste or Triest (Austrian name) is a city and (204 338 inhabitants end 2017) a major seaport on the Adriatic Sea coast of northeastern Italy, located just by the border with Slovenia. Trieste was formerly within the Austrian Littoral province (Austria-Hungary) before 1918.

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Trieste is administratively divided in 7 districts:

- Altipiano Ovest: Borgo San Nazario · Contovello · Prosecco · Santa Croce 
- Altipiano Est: Banne · Basovizza · Gropada · Opicina · Padriciano · Trebiciano 
- Barcola: Cologna · Conconello · Gretta · Grignano · Guardiella · Miramare · Roiano (TRIEST 9 opened on 16 September 1897) . Scorcola
- Barriera Nuova · Borgo Giuseppino · Borgo Teresiano · Città Nuova · Città Vecchia · San Vito · San Giusto · Campi Elisi · Sant'Andrea · Cavana
- Barriera Vecchia (TRIEST 6 opened on 23 October 1890) · San Giacomo · Santa Maria Maddalena Superiore
- Cattinara · Chiadino · San Luigi · Guardiella · Longera · San Giovanni · Rozzol · Melara
- Chiarbola · Coloncovez · Santa Maria Maddalena Inferiore - Raute · Santa Maria Maddalena Superiore · Servola · Poggi Paese · Poggi Sant'Anna · Valmaura · Altura · Borgo San Sergio

Postmark in the Republic of Italy

Meter cancels

Meter cancel 1956

Cards and Covers

1956 Trieste to Elmhurst, New York


1953 Trieste to Elizabeth, New Jersey with Registered Label

Postmark in the Kingdom of Italy

Postmarks in Austria-Hungary era (1867-1918)

The official central post office name was TRIEST, STADT until 17 February 1896.

Oval TRIEST type aOev in 1867ca.
Bilingual TRIEST-TRIESTE in 1880.
Circle (26 mm) TRIEST in 1891.
Bilingual TRIEST-TRIESTE in 1893.
TRIEST BAHNHOF (station) cancel used on a 1883 postal stationery.
Bilingual TRIEST-TRIESTE in 1903.
Printed matter: Freimarken issue 1867; 2 Kreuzer yellow-orange, coarse print + newspaper stamp issue 1867; 1.05 Kreuzer gray violet, rough print, type Ib together as an attractive pseudo-mixed franking, on complete printed matter from TRIEST to ALBONA, Mi № 35 ID + 42 Ib; Used 6.10.1869


The TRIEST 3 post office opened in 1872.

Circle on a fragment in 1889.
Circle on a newspaper issue in 1891.


The TRIEST 6 post office opened in 1890.

DC on a pair in 1897.


The TRIEST 7 post office opened in October 1891.

Early cancel GIARDINO PUBBLICO in December 1891.


Linear COL VAPORE on a 1867 issue.

Registered postmarks

File:Trieste (IT) REC AH a.jpg
Frame RECOMMANDIRT TRIEST, Italic type ... on a 1867 issue.
Frame TRIEST RECOMMANDIRT, Grotesk type agK on 1867 issue.
File:Trieste (IT) REC AH b.jpg

Cards and Covers

Oval TRIEST on 3 x 5Kr cover with italian blue oval G PROVINI in 1871 to Verona.
Oval TRIEST on two 2 kr to Constantinopel in 1870. Sold 320 SF in 2000 (ex Cihangir).
Oval TRIEST on rare 4 soldi Stationery (1873) to Prussia in 1875. Sold 1,100 SF in 2000 (ex Cihangir).
1884 Zadar, Croatia via Triest to Malines (Mechelen), Belgium

Postmarks in Austrian Empire Littoral province (before 1867)

Pre-philately Covers

V.TRIEST. linear in 1822 to Ragusa.
3.4.1819 P.P. TRIESTE ILLYRIE From Trieste to Rheims
V.TRIEST. oval in 1837 to Ragusa.
16 SEP 1839 Fanco From Trieste to Genova.
21.FFB 1843 From Trieste to Padova.
25 MAI 1847 From Trieste to Vienne.

From 1850

Grotesk TRIEST frame on the KK first issue (1850).
TRIESTE Abends in 1854 ca.
TRIEST circle on the 1859 issue. Mueller type RS-f.
Antiqua TRIEST frame on the 1859 issue. Mueller type RhK-f.
Antiqua TRIEST frame on the 1861 issue. Mueller type RhK-f.
Oval TRIEST (Mueller type RO) on a 15 SOLDI stamp issue 1863.
Oval TRIEST with expediton, Mueller type RzO-fe unique for Triest, on a 1863 issue

Triest B.H.

Railway station post office opened in 1857.

On the 1859 issue.

Registered postmarks

Oval (Mueller RzO-f) in 1867 to Vienna. Sold 1,000 SF in 2003.
Frame type IifB-f TRIEST Recommandirt on the 1850 issue.
Frame type IifB-f TRIEST Recommandirt on the 1858 issue. Mueller 5x4 points.
Oval RECOMMANDIRT TRIEST on the 1861 issue. Mueller type RzO-fy (5x4 points). Exact year missing.
Oval RECOMMANDIRT TRIEST on the 1863 issue. Mueller type RzO-fy. 27.5.1865

Port postmark from TRIEST / TRIESTE

Port stamp for outgoing mail

In addition to the port where the mail item was accepted for carriage before the ship left, these stamps also had the addition „COL VAPORE”. The Trieste postmark with the addition „A BORDO” differs from this.

17.XII.1863 With Steam from Trieste, Trieste-Alessandria line.
In use from 1.19.1852 to 18.10.1864

Port stamp for incoming mail

Non-date postmarks were used in Trieste and various ports on the Adriatic. These were used to cancel the stamps of the unstamped mail items taken over by ships. Most of these stamps do not indicate the place of origin. In their text they only express that the transport was carried out by sea or by ship. The postmark „COL VAPORE” was also provided with a handwritten additional note on various occasions, from which it can be seen from which port the mail item came from. Some of the postmarks mentioned come from the time of the first stamp issues.
There are also some postmarks that state the place and their origin. Some of these postmarks were also in use before the issue of stamps in 1867.

In use at the free port office; the two letters M are the initials of the word Magazin. Probably a similar cancellation with changed wording was also in use in Zara.
From METELINO (Lespos island) via TRIESTE 8 „M 23.XII.1911 M” to BUCHS (Switzerland customs) and on to Neuchatel (Switzerland).