Tubize (BE)

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Tubize is a municipality (24,108 inhabitants in 2013) located in the province of Walloon Brabant. The municipality includes also the former villages of Clabecq, Oisquercq and Saintes. The TUBIZE post-office opened on 1 September 1840. It used a postal code 121 with bars (before 1864) and 366 with points before 1874. The SAINTES post-office opened on 9 July 1866, CLABECQ on 24 July 1903.

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Postmarks after 1950

Postal code since 1990: 1480

Meter cancel plus Handstamp of Tubize, 28-08-1996.

Postmarks before 1950

Leopold III period

Albert I period

TUBIZE in 1930.

Leopold II period