Turkey 1950 Regional ICAO Congress, Istanbul

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 17th October 1950
  • three values
  • Printed by: Klisecilik ve Matbaacilik, Istanbul
  • Print process: lithography
  • stamp format height 41mm x width 26mm, or height 26mm x width 41mm (60k)
  • Perforations: 11.3 x 11.3

Regional Congress of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, Istanbul

20k ~ the 'bird-man' Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi (17th century), Galata Tower in Istanbul, view of Istanbul waterfront with sailing ships
40k ~ bi-plane over the Taurus mountains
60k ~ Consolidated Convair 240 over Istanbul

  • Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi was purported in the writings of traveller Evliya Çelebi to have achieved sustained unpowered flight, from the top of the Galata Tower to Doğancılar Square in Üsküdar, with the help of the south-west wind, a distance of two miles. There is only the one documented reference to the flight, three sentences in a ten-volume work although Evliya's writings are generally reckoned authoritative (he was a diplomat and traveller who kept detailed chronicles)
20 kurus
40 kurus
60 kurus