Uhniv (UA)

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Uhniv (Ukrainian: Угнів, Polish: Uhnów, Yiddish: הובנוב‎) is a city (1,007 inhabitants end 2012) in Sokal Raion, Lviv Oblast (region) of western Ukraine. It is located almost on the Ukrainian-Polish border. Historically in the Austrian Galicia crownland. It was passed to Ukraine as a result of the 1951 Polish–Soviet territorial exchange.

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Postmark in Ukraine

Postmark in Poland

Postmark in Austria-Hungary era (1867-1918)

Postmark in Austrian Empire Galicia province (1857-1867)

The Polish name UHNÓW was used when the post office opened on 1 June 1857, District of Rava Ruska.

Mueller type RSb-f on the 1863 newspaper stamp.