United States of America 1861 Definitives

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Dates : 1861-1867
  • Designed by :
  • Printed by : National Bank Note Company
  • Print Process : Engraved
  • Perforations : 12

The US letters are below.

Issues 1861-1866

Without embossed grid.

1 cent blue - Benjamin Franklin (1861) mute cancel Mi16IIx
2c black Andrew Jackson (1863) Mi17x
3c pale red George Washington (1861) Antiqua blue cancel Mi18IIx
File:United States of America 1861 Definitives d.jpg
5c yellow Thomas Jefferson (1861) Mi19IIv
5c brown Thomas Jefferson mute cancel (1863) Mi19IIx
10c green George Washington mute cancel (1861) Mi20IIx
10c another mute cancel
12c black George Washington
15c black Abraham Lincoln (June 1866), light cancel. Mi22x
24c lilac George Washington (1862), DC cancel Mi23
30c orange Benjamin Franklin
File:United States of America 1861 Definitives k.jpg
90c blue George Washington Mi25IIx

With grill 1866

to be expanded

3c rose A Grill mute cancel. Only usual value. Mi19IIWVII.
15c black Grill] Mi22wVI