United States of America 2009 The Simpsons

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 7th May 2009
  • five designs, in various perf variants, self-adhesive in a booklet, also postal stationery postcards
  • Designed from original artwork by Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons
  • Printed by: Sennett Security Products (at Banknote Corp of America, N Carolina)
  • stamp format height 30mm x width 22½mm
  • Perforations: die cut 10¾, with imperf edges on 14 stamps (each of the 44c stamps except Lisa Simpson occurs in four perforation variants (i) perforated four sides (ii) imperf either left or right side (iii) imperf either top or base (iv) imperf two adjacent sides [Lisa Simpson not type iv])

44c ~ Homer
44c ~ Marge
44c ~ Bart
44c ~ Lisa
44c ~ Maggie
Booklets, at $8.80 ~ four horizontal rows of the five designs (in two 'blocks' of 10)
Booklet covers: four different cover designs were issued, which were sold individually, or collected in a pack of four at $35.20 (A) cover showing Homer (B) cover showing Bart (C) cover showing Lisa (D) cover showing Marge and Maggie
Postcards: five different with imprinted stamp as stamp designs, but 28c. Sold in a glue-bound 'book' of 20 cards (four as each stamp design). Postcard reverses show characters with a speech bubble

Booklet stamps


Stamp Booklet and booklet cover

Booklet $8.80
Booklet cover (one of four)

Postal stationery postcard

File:United States of America 2009 postcard.jpg
postcard (one of five different)