United States of America 2012 Aloha Shirts

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue dates: 19th January 2012 and 2nd June 2012
  • five self-adhesive values issued in various formats
  • Designed from photographs by Ric Noyle, of Hawaiian style costume shirts, layout by Carl T Herrman
  • Printed by: Avery-Dennison (sheet), Sennett Security Products (coil), Ashton-Potter USA (booklet)
  • Print process: gravure (sheet) or lithography (coil and booklet)
  • stamp format height 25½mm x width 23mm)
  • Perforations: die-cut

32c ~ shirt depicting surfers on a red wave, and palms on shoreline
32c ~ shirt depicting surfers riding their boards
32c ~ shirt depicting tropical flowers and foliage
32c ~ shirt depicting stylised view of Kilauea (volcano on island of Hawai'i)
32c ~ shirt depicting marine fossils (coloured): fish, sea stars, ammonites

sheet stamps

  • Issue date 19th January 2012
  • sheet of 20 containing four rows of the five values
  • die-cut perforations 11 x 11
32c strip of five

coil stamps

  • Issue date 19th January 2012
  • coils of 100 stamps, designs affixed adjacently to horizontal coil backing
  • die cut imperf x perf 11
32c coil strip of five

stamp booklet ($3.20

  • Issue date 2nd June 2012
  • booklet of 10 stamps (affixed 2 x 5)
  • die-cut perforations 11.25 x 11, each stamp having one imperf edge (either left or right)
$3.20 booklet
$3.20 booklet cover