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Ian Gibbons

Part time wiki-admin. Part time FB group admin. Lets not forget Philatelist and still learning. Husband, Father, Son.

University Sheffield
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"It is not about how many stamps you have. Its about what you know about those that you do have."
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posted 41 days ago

Liege (BE) details have disappeared in 2022! Why?

posted 498 days ago

Sorry my scanner can only do 300.

posted 565 days ago

Hello Ian, Can you insert the folder "1880" in the category:Austria > Austria-Empire > 1867-1899? Thanks very much Ernst

posted 734 days ago

Hi Ian, I will send you better pictures. I have dozens of stamps I will like to share. Most of them don't have a Category to upload them , like all the series and colors from El Salvador regarding President Roosevelt, Portuguese Imperial Colonies, and many others. What should I do ?

posted 907 days ago

je suis nouveau sur le site et un peu perdu par apport d'autres sites . merci d'avoir corrig├ęs mes erreurs , Cordialement jacques

posted 1087 days ago

Hi Ian,

I made a big mistake. Could you please correct it? I started a file "File:Social History Of Jazz - Franz Zehenter (German)" instead of a page with the category "Exhibits". It would be great if you correct that. And please let me know how to crete a page in this category.

Thank you very much


posted 1091 days ago

Hi Ian, I forgot to add the link to my website: Regards Franz

posted 1091 days ago

Hi Ian, thank you for your support. I'm just learning by doing - so I do make mistakes. I will upload more in the future. If you want to see the sources please visit my website where I show my exhibits (in german). Best regards and thanks again Franz

posted 1241 days ago

Yes, I tried yesterday and it was fine. Thanks, Ian

posted 1254 days ago

I can't upload images any more. It says only administrators can do it.