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List of all temporary stamp areas with own postal sovereignty:

own stamps since 1995
An autonomous region of the Republic of Georgia, located on the waterfront of the Black Sea. Although official declared and offered as own stamps and local issues are stamps and for all many pictorial sets and souvenir sheets, offered as local issues. These are mostly issues by private individuals for worldwide sale to collectors for the purpose of a personal enrichment.

Abu Dhabi
own stamps 1964-1972
A little sheikhdom in eastern Arabia, bordering on the Persian Gulf. The territory was under British protection 1862-1971. The sheikhdom was one of the former "Trucial states". Finally, Abu Dhabi joined with other "Trucial States" to form the independent United Arab Emirates on Dec. 2, 1971. Abu Dhabi was long time undeveloped and has only few resources. His existence began to change dramatically with the discovery of oil in 1958. Contemporary is Abu Dhabi one of the major oil exporters ofthe Arabian world and has since one of the highest incomes per capita in the world.

own stamps 1937-1965
Former British colony and British Protectorate in southwest Arabia (Yemen) The colony of Aden was administrated by India 1839-1937, so that there were used Indian stamps. First own stamps of the colony appears in 1937, initially only for the use inside the Aden Protectorate area, later in the whole Aden colony itself. In 1963, the territories of the Aden Colony were united to the "Federation of South Arabia" with exception of the both eastern districtsKathiri and Qu'aiti, 1963-1965. The "Federation of South Arabia" exited officially since April 1, 1965. Later the territory was partited in North and South Yemen.

Aegean Islands (individual islands' issues)
own stamps 1912-1932
There exist numerous Italian issues overprinted with names of the various Aegean islands. This concerns mainly Calchi, Calino, Caso, Coo, Fero, Fisso, Nisiro, Patmo, Piscopi, Rhodes, Scarpanto, Simi and Stampalia.

Aegean Islands (Dodecanese)
own stamps 1912-1947
A group of 14 islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea. These islands were under Turkish rule since the early 16th century, In 1912 during the Italo-Turkish War declared these islands their independence. but were soon occupied by Italy. In 1920 also Greece recognized Italian control of the islands. The Turkey formally ceded the Dodecaneses to Italy in 1923. During the Second World War were the Aegean Islands occupied by Nazi-Germany (1943-1945) and after Allied occupations by British military forces 1945-1947. In 1947 were the Dodecaneses annexed by Greece. Italy issued many stamps for the use inside islands in the <ears 1912-1843. The Germans overprinted any issues in the time 1943-1945. In the period 1945-1947 were stamps of the British Middle East Forces used. In 1947, specially overprinted Greek stamps were issued. Since exist conflict between Greece and the Turkey relating to the Dodecanese Island. (The greatest if the Dodecanese Islands is Rhodos (Italian: "Rodi").

Afars and Issas
own stamps 1967-1977
A former French colony and later "Overseas Territory" (TOM), located in northeast Africa bordering on the Gulf of Aden at the Somali Coast. Independent Republic since June 27, 1977 and changring the name to "Djibouti".

own stamps since 1871
An independent Republic in central Asia. Long time divided and ruled by neighboring states, Afghanistan emerged as a unified state in the mid of the 18th century. In the 19th century was Afghanistan the battleground in the competition between Russia and Great Britain at their struggle for dominance and influence in Central Asia. Afghanistan was British Protectorate 1881-1919. It became partial autonomy in 1907 and the full independence in 1919. In 1973, was the monarchy in Afghanistan officially dissolved and a republican government was installed. This Republic was dissolved again by a pro-Soviet coup in 1978. However, the new regime was unable to unify the country and to underpress conservative resistance in the countryside. In December 1979 invaded Soviet military troups Afghanistan under establishing what it hoped would be a more effective government. It arosed a bloody civil war for ca. one decade at which U.S.-supported rebels and the Soviet-supported regime units fought a bloody war. During 1989-1992, the Soviet Union and the United States withdrew their support, and by mid-1992 was the Soviet-allegiant Marxist regime degraded and the various former US-supported rebel groups began to fight among each other. At this process in 1996 became one of these groups, the Taliban, predominance and during 1997 the "Taliban" occupied the most rest of Afghanistan. However, the Taliban established a fanatically Islamic regime. Afghanistan have not joined the Universal Postal Union before 1928. Until then, Afghan stamps were only valid for cards and letters inside the country. For all other postal services must be used British Indian stamps.

Aguera, La
own stamps 1920-1924
A district in West Sahara on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Officially Spanish possession, La Aguera issued own stamps until 1924, as it was attached to Spanish Sahara.

own stamps 1903-1932 and since 1972
One of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, northeastwen of New Zealand. Officially its a dependency of New Zealand, from 1932 onwards were only still valid stamps of the Cook Islands. Aitutaki issues own stamps again since August 1972.

own stamps 1964-1972 (ca. 6000-7000 different stamps)
One of the Trucial States in Eastern Arabia. Sheikhdom under British protection from 1892-1971. Ajman joined the independent United Arab Emirates on Dec. 2, 1971. Subsequent Ajman issues came onto the philatelic market after 1972, but these issues were not recognized as valid by the government.

own stamps since 1984
A island group of in the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden with Swedish population but belonging to Finland. On Feb. 5, 1982, the Finnish government gave the self-governing territory of Aland the right to propose stamps and denominations to the Finnish postal system. The first Aland issues appeared on March 1, 1984. Although Finnish stamps remaine officially as valid for the use inside of the islands. Mixed Finnish and Aland frankings do occuring. Aland stamps may not be used in Finland.

own stamps 1925-1930
A district of Syria, bordering on the Mediterranean Sea. It was a Turkish territory until 1918, when it was occupied by French military units. In the time 1920-1941, the territory was administrated by France with a mandate from the League of Nations. In 1930 was the name of the is province changed to Latakia and stamps so inscribed came into use. In 1941, was Latakia annexed by Syria, and Lakatian stamps were replaced by Syrian stamps.

own stams since 1913
A Republic in South East Europe, bordering on the Adriatic Sea. The territory was under Turkish rule in the time 1478-1912. After the First Balkan War became Albania its Independence. Until 1921 the area was overrun by Germans, Serbians, Montenegrinians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Italians, Frenches and Austrian troops. Non-Albanian military forces remained in Albania until 1921. An own Albanian state was established in 1920, firstly as a republic and, after 1928, as a monarchy. In 1939, the country was occupied by Italy and, any time later, by Nazi-Germany. In 1944, British-supported communist guerrillas, led by Enver Hoxha, drove the Germans from the country and established finally an own provisional government. In 1946, a communist People's Republic was proclaimed. Initially it seems that Albania would become a satellite of Yugoslavia, but it maintained indepent under Hoxha's repressive regime. In 1960, because of the Soviet Union's De-Stalinization campaign, Albania broke with the Soviet Union and aligned its foreign policy with that of Red-China (People's Republic of China). Finally In 1978 China's liberalization policy brought a break between Albania and china. In the time 1978 to 1991 was Albania one of the most economically unerdeveloped nations in Europe and one of the most isolated nations in the world. With the collapse of communism in Europe, Albania has instituted 1991 a democratic republican government. Economic reverses in 1997 results that Albania return to the anarchy and is so characterized also today still.

own stamps since 1983
A small English Channel island just off the French coast, near the tip of the Cherbourg peninsula. Alderney is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which has been a British crown territory since the mid-13th century. Alderney began issuing own stamps in 1969, however Guernsey continued Alderney's postal affairs. A request of Alderney for a production of separate issues was rejected in 1995 by Guernsey. But a laterer compromise allowed Alderney to issue occasional sets of own stamps. Since are issues of Alderney stamps, typically about one set each year, produced under the aegis of the Bailiwick of Guernsey Post Office in consultation with Alderney's parliamentary finance committee.

Alsedziai (German name "Aledschen")
own stamps in 1941
A location in Lithuania. In 1941, the local German military commander let overprinted spoiled Russian stamps with a black-grey, three-line overprint "Laisvi/Alsedziai/24-VI-41" for use inside that area for a transition time to the 04 November 1941. Variants at the overprint are not distinguished.

Bolschaja Alexandrowka (German name "Alexanderstadt")
own stamps 1941-1942
A city in the Ukraine. During the Second World War, the local German military authorities let overprint spoiled Russian stamps "16.8.41/B.ALEX." and a swastika with surcharged new values for use inside of this district. issue of these stamps at 15. December 1941.

own stamps in 1938
A district of southern Turkey, bordering on the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandretta was part of the Ottoman Empire since several hundred years, but was occupated by French military units in 1918. In the following time was this area administered as part of the French mandate for Syria. This state continued until 1938, when Alexandretta became autonomous from Syria. On this occasion was changed the name still in the same year to Hatay. Stamps of Hatay replaced those of Alexandretta. Finally in 1939 was this territory returned to Turkey, and Turkish stamps are in use since.