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Thank for all your contributions - they are great. I must ask you two things :

  • Can we refrain from putting up Scott Catalogue numbers.
  • Not use tabs for a standard page - the tabs are reserved for long pages with highly detailed information such as Tuvalu_1979_Fish_Definitives. We would like to keep the majority of basic pages looking the same.

Let me know your thoughts -

--Admin (talk) 00:22, 16 April 2013 (BST)

I do like the use of the extra tab for the catalogue numbers but not for the rest of the page. So a basic page will have two tabs one for info (main) and one for (catalogues)

--Admin (talk) 00:24, 16 April 2013 (BST)

Hello Drew

Thanks for your comments.

  • Scott numbers are definitely out.
  • No Tabs in User page. No problem with that.

For me it was a easy way to reach a specific page because I have new informations to add. So as much organized can be the pages I'm working, for me the better. No other lecture can be done for my use of Tabs in User Page and surely I dont want to be an outsider of your principles.

  • As for two Tabs in stamp pages, I think it's not enough to correctly describe

a stamp issue with all sections (Stamps, Fdcs, SSs, MSs, Maxi Cards, Postmarks, ...) to have only two single Tabs. For some pages you will have a huge sheet with lots of different informations all in the same "bag" with decrease of interest for users.

I'd like to hear from you on this subject before future work.

Best, User:JPPINTO


Your user page you can do whatever you please - we don't mind what you put on your user page as it belongs to you. How about we compromise on the main stamp pages. Lets have the base data and stamp images on the main tab and then you can create tabs for FDC etc. I think that the stamp images must go on the main page as visually it provides the user with information straight away.

-- 14:24, 16 April 2013 (BST) (Admin)

Hello again

Please take a look at [[1]] and [[2]]

I think this is what you expect for pages to look like. Let me know your opinion about this.


I like number 2 - Azores_1983_Azores_Flowers_(3rd_Issue) The first one is also fine except on my screen size the centering is odd ( I have a large 24 inch screen ) - so the first one without the centering. Again thank you for all your contributions.

If you have any suggestions we would be happy to take them onboard.

-- 00:13, 17 April 2013 (BST) (Admin)

Hello Drew

Some questions about philatelic terms and SOTW:

    • A
  • 1 'Type of paper'
  • 2 'Souvenir Sheet vs Miniature Sheet'
  • 3 others

In order to have all users may work according the same principals/language is it possible to have a small 'philatelic dictionary' in the structure ???

    • B
  • 1 PDS (Postage Due Stamps), Official Stamps ....

added in same way as normal issued??

    • C
  • Issued descriptions

what is best for SOTW:

a: [[3]
b: [4]

I hope to hear your opinions soon user:JPPINTO

Hello again Drew

Once again thank you for latest improvements to colours. Now I'm a bit confused with what I have done with (

and merge those info to new ones like this: (

Does this page means anything for you ? Is it a true line of future work or do you considered that it would be heavy in near future ????

And what about old colours pages??? Deleted them or move them to the new ones? How ???

In issue pages does I have to mention Category:Orange-...:Red or there's another way to do ???


João Paulo Pinto User:JPPINTO

Sorry João - I did not see this page with your queries. I will send you my email address - then we can talk further through email.

--Admin (talk) 17:40, 30 April 2013 (BST)

Hello Drew

I confess that I didn't expected that another user, could change (modify) the actual pages and then leave them with mistakes/defaults

I clear understand those who wants to add substantial value for the catalogue and so far I think I'm one of those. This is not the case unfortunatly.

If you open page [Portugal] (Category), you will find what I'm telling you.. Mr Guernmann20 not only added "ghost" pages after 2010 that I had to cancel all in order to avoid false mistakes on NavPortugal, but the worst is that he leave some code lines that I can solve them and of course they are yet in page.

I'll appreciate your impressions about this situation



Thank you for pointing out to me - I have fixed the ghost pages so that the Portugal category is back to normal.

Guernman20 has made many great additions to the website and is a valuable contributor like yourself. It is all about discussing and sharing our knowledge on how to update the wiki. I will email Guernman20 and give some pointers on the nav templates.

You might also be interested in the piece of code that removes the ghost pages but you can put them in - take a look at nav_portugal now and you will see that the code allows for the years even though there is nothing in them - this is done by adding noresultsheader= | to the code.

Your comments are always welcome, thank you.

Ok !

another simply way for fixing ghost pages .. ...

Thank you


Hello Drew

I need some of your help with Categories specially with category:Stamps by Colour. In this first page ->

colours of Stamps are listed individ. and the result is not only a big final tab on end of pg with all colours on issue, but also the respective connection to colour page and also added the respective stamp on the respective pg colour.

My oppinion is that to show all issue colors on issue page is a bit heavy.

So I try to do almost the same with a small difference:

Page 2 ->

were no connection (?) is possible to existant colours and only Carmine is detected although it belongs to category:Glossary of Terms. I really like this way of showing information all in the same stamp space. What do you think about this ???

Hope to hear from you very soon.