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Admin 18:07, 17 January 2012 (CET)

Hi Yugo,

I have uploaded all the data I have (up until 2000) I will see if I can find a reference for the later years. Also I have left out a few sets as I am not sure what to do with them.

  • Tourism Defins
  • Postal Services

Not sure if they should each have one page or if each should have an initial page and then pages for the surcharged issues - what do you think ?

1972 Summer Olympic Games

Hi Yugo,

I have added the page for 1972 Summer Olympic Games, If you could let me know where in 1972 it should go I will put the correct order in. Also if you let me know how many stamps in the issue I will put the image placeholders up with their values.

Many thanks again on your inputs - its fantastic ! I hope you like the new design we have implemented - there are still a few more tweaks to go.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Drew, The 1972 SOG should go right after the Planica Ski set (1972.03) and before the Olympic Committee surtax (1972.04). There are 6 values in the set. (50p;1d25;2d50;3d25;5d;6d25). love the new layout. especially like the format to list pages with missing links - helps me know where I am at, and also what I am missing. thanks for all your efforts!!


I have created the correct order and I have added the blanks for the images. If you feel the names of the sets are incorrect for the set feel free to use the Move button at the top of the page - This will bring up a page to allow you to set a new Page title without affecting any data on the page. The reason is optional.

I am trying to create a set of user guides to help with the editing on pages and hopefully will have something done by the end of the week.


Single Country Image Wants Page

Hi Scott,

I have also created a page that will show only Yugoslavias missing image files - this can be found at

I will put a reference to this page at the top of the Yugoslavia main category.