Vendsyssel (DK)

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Vendsyssel is the northernmost traditional district of Denmark and of Jutland. Being divided from mainland Jutland by the Limfjord, it is technically a part of the North Jutlandic Island. Vendsyssel is part of the North Denmark Region.

Vendsyssel Jb. Pk.

The Railway Packet Postal service for the area of Jutland was issued with the 124 & 125 numeral cancels.

Current day lines operate as:

Skagen-Frederikshavn-Hjørring-Brønderslev-Aalborg, Nordjyske Jernbaner, single track, hourly Intercity trains. From Aalborg there are connections to Århus and Copenhagen.

Hjørring-Hirtshals, local railway (and transit to Norway) operated by Nordjyske Jernbaner

Early Railway Packet Postal Service numerals 124 & 125