Waterloo (BE)

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Waterloo is a municipality (29,731 inhabitants in 2013) located in the province of Walloon Brabant, at the border with the Flemish Brabant. The 18 June 1815 Battle of Waterloo took place south of the municipality, but the Duke of Wellington had its headquarters in Waterloo center. The WATERLOO post-office opened in 1835. It used a Distribution postal code 58 with bars (before 1864) and 392 with points before 1874.

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Postmarks after 1950

Postal code 1410 since at least 1984.

BF and € in 2001. Special double circle.
WATERLOO 1 red double circle in 2004. Postage meter for 0,49 €.
Point Poste Centre in 2015.

Baudouin period

Circle in 1972.
Bridge in 1978.
Bridge 1410 in 1984.


Frame in 1972.

Postmarks before 1950

Leopold III period

Unique clover cancel on a 1936 issue.

Albert I period

Leopold II period

Circle on a 1893 issue. Expedition 3-S.

Leopold I period

Distribution 58 on a 1849 issue.
Distribution 58 on a 1851 issue.