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This project is a mammoth task and would not be where it is without the contributions of stamp collectors and dealers around the world. This page serves to say thank you to the many people who have sent in images, information and made this site possible.

The Postal Museum and Royal Mail have agreed our use of their images as long as they are attributed as "Unit from the Registration Sheet ©Royal Mail Group Ltd, image reproduced courtesy of The Postal Museum."

The largest postmark British Postmark database on the web has give the wiki permission to use images found within the DB. A big thank you goes out to http://philatelicweb.com/pmks/ .

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Stamp Dealer Steve Fletcher who runs Stamp Mall has given SOTW permission to use images from his site. Many thanks!



Thank you to Paleophilatelie for their offer of images and info.



http://www.moldovastamps.org/ has given us permission to user their images and text for this Wiki project - Check it out!


A big thank you to http://www.collect4all.com/ for allowing this stamp wiki to use their images.


Daryl Reiber

For allowing this wiki to use his information on Ethiopian Stamps and Postal History.


Mark Bloxham Stamps


For allowing us to use their images of Penny Blacks - See Penny Black Plating


The Line Engraved Imprimaturs of Great Britain by Ian Wright

WEBSITE ADDRESS http://www.maltesex.com/

Thanks to Ian Wright

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki Used for Town data from early history through to the stamp era.