Wolfenbuettel (DE)

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Wolfenbüttel is a town (51,569 inhabitants end 2013) in Lower Saxony, Germany, located on the Oker river. It is the seat of the District of (Landkreis) Wolfenbüttel. Historically in the Duchy of Brunswick.

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Postmark in Unified-Germany

Postmarks in Allied Occupied Germany

WOLFENBÜTTEL f 31.10.45.-12

Postmark in German Empire

Bridge in November 1922 on Official stamp.

Postmark in North German Confederation

Since 1 January 1868.

Postmark in the Duchy of Brunswick

A linear postmark is known since 1808. The district used a code 47.


Blue DC & 47 on a cover with 3 SGr (issue 1861) to Berlin. Sold 150 SF in 2001.
Blue DC & 47, three 1SGr issue 1864, Mi14B. Sold 920 DM in 1977.