Zambia 2013 New Currency Surcharges (new values)

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 22nd March 2013
  • nine values
  • Printed by:
  • Perforations: 13 x 13
  • stamps are in various formats

Surcharges, values in new revalued K currency on older issues

  • some values are surcharged on previously surcharged stamps
K1.50 on K1500 Little Bee-eater
K1.50 on K2700 Ngoma dancer
K1.50 on K2700 Aardwolf
K1.50 on K2700 Dag Hammerskjold
K2.50 on K2500 Blacksmith Plover
K2.50 on K2500 Sacred Ibis
K3.80 on K3300 on K2475 side-striped jackal
K4.05 on K4050 on K2700 David Livingstone
K4.95 on K4950 on K2700 Aardwolf
K5.00 on K5000 on K700 United Nations
K10.00 on K10000 on K1200 Rotary International
K10.00 on K2250 spotted hyaena