Zrenjanin (RS)

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Hungarian name in 1882.
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Zrenjanin (Serbian Cyrillic: Зрењанин) is a city (75 743 inhabitants in 2011 in the main city) and municipality located in the eastern part of Vojvodina, Serbia. Exonyms: Hungarian: Nagybecskerek, Nagy-Becskerek; Slovak: Zreňanin, less frequently Petrovgrad.
It is the administrative centre of the Central Banat District. Zrenjanin is the largest city in the Serbian Banat, the third largest city in Vojvodina (after Novi Sad and Subotica) and the sixth largest city of Serbia.

The 1848–49 Revolutions had its impact on Bečkerek. The Serbs revolted, aiming for autonomy within the Austrian Empire. At the May Assembly (13–15 May 1848), the Serbian Vojvodina was proclaimed, including most of what is today Vojvodina. Serbs from Bečkerek participated in the uprising against Hungarian authority (which refused Serb rights) and from 26 January to 29 April 1849 the town was under Serb rebel control. In 1849, the town became part of the Voivodeship of Serbia and Banat of Temeschwar until 1860.
Although that time was known in history as a period of Bach's absolutism, the second part of the 19th century brought the town new developing benefits. New industrial facilities and handicraft stores were opened in every part of the town. Late 19th and early 20th century was progressive period for Veliki Bečkerek. Railway arrived in 1883, while post office was opened back in 1737.


Postmark in Yugoslavia era

Postmarks in Kingdom of Hungary (1867-1918)

Ornamented DC in 1871.
NAGY-BECSKEREK in 1899 control code B.
Bridge in 1901.


G: BECSKEREK on a 5 kr coarse 147x84 mm postal stationery, issue 1867, sent to Temesvár.

Postmarks in Austrian Empire Temes Banat District

The NAGY-BECSKEREK post-office opened before 1850. Later named GROSS BECSKEREK.

G:BECSKEREK on a 1863 newspaper stamp.