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Zwolle is a municipality and the capital city of the province of Overijssel, Netherlands. It has a population around 125,000.

The modern city was founded around 800 CE by Frisian merchants and troops of Charlemagne. The name Zwolle is derived from the word Suolle, which means "hill" (cf. the English cognate verb "to swell"). This refers to an incline in the landscape between the four rivers surrounding the city, IJssel, Vecht, Aa and Zwarte Water. The hill was the only piece of land that would remain dry during the frequent floodings of the rivers. Zwolle was established on that incline.

At least as early as 1911, Zwolle had a considerable trade by river, a large fish market, and the most important cattle market in the Netherlands after Rotterdam. The more important industries comprised cotton manufactures, iron works, boat-building, dyeing and bleaching, tanning, rope-making, and salt-making. Librije

In World War II, Zwolle was single-handedly liberated from the Germans by French Canadian soldier Léo Major. He was made an honorary citizen of Zwolle in 2005 and a street is named for him.

In 2004, Zwolle's De Librije restaurant was honored with 3 stars by Michelin Guide; as of 2018, it is one of only three restaurants so honored in the entire country.

Citizens of Zwolle are colloquially known as Blauwvingers (Bluefingers). This dates back to 1682, when the St Michael's church tower collapsed. The authorities were strapped for cash and saw no option but to sell the church bells to neighbouring city Kampen. To make sure that Kampen would not make too much profit from the deal, the local authorities asked a high price for the church bells. Kampen accepted, yet after the arrival of the bells it became clear, they were too damaged to be played. In revenge, Kampen paid in copper coins of four duiten (the equivalent of two-and-a-half cents). Zwolle distrusted Kampen and wanted to be sure they truly paid the entire price. After the rigorous counting of this vast amount of money, their fingers had turned blue from the counting of money.

Postmark Examples

Postmark ZWOLLE 1869. Stampset Stampset.png
Coded Postal Obliterator nr 135 (= Zwolle) c.1872. Stampset Stampset.png
Postmark Zwolle 1883. StampSet: Stampset.png
Postmark Zwolle 1887. Stampset Stampset.png
Cancel 30-MRT-1894. StampSet: Stampset.png
Postal Order Stamp 1894. StampSet Stampset.png
Cancel 9-III-92.
Cancel from Business Point Zwolle-Anthony Fokkerstraat, December 1, 2008.

Sub Offices

Postmark Zwolle-Station 1899. Stampset Stampset.png

Slogan Cancels

SZC New "Scheper" Hospital is there for you, 1985
Dutch Stamps, you can also collect them, 1997
special cancellation during Christmas times, 2019

Meter cancels

Meter cancel Zwolle, 1971.
Meter cancel Zwolle, 1989.
Meter cancel Zwolle, 1991.
Meter cancel Zwolle, 1999.
Meter cancel Zwolle, 1991.
Meter cancel Zwolle, 2003.
Meter cancel Zwolle, 1994.
Meter cancel Zwolle, 2006.

Cards and Covers

Postcard was sent by a soldier on duty ("militaire dienst") on 25 V 1915, during the first World War, so no postage stamp required. Route Doesburg-Arnhem on railway line Zwolle-Arnhem. The small mark C34 is from the postman who delivered the card in Arnhem.
Cover sent by Air Mail from Zwolle (Netherlands, nov 11, 1938) to San Francisco (USA) with meter franking.