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A Danish seaport which ran its own local postal service from 1884 to 1889.

It produced several diffrent issues of stamps, the earliest of which consisted of two values. These were the 3 ore and 5 ore.


A 5 ore stamp was issued in November 1885 which showed the civic coat of arms. This was followed in April 1886 by the issue of six stamps, (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 ore values). These featured the triple towers of Aalborg, a famous landmark of the area, within various decrotive frames.


In 1886, to meet the demand for the lower values, provisional surcharged issues were made


In 1887 the colours of the stamps were altered and three additional values were added. (25, 35 and 50 ore). These additional values appeared in new designs incorperating posthorns and the towns coat of arms. In the following years a number of provisional surcharges were issued.

From May 1889 the local post was operated by the Dansk Circulaere Ekspedition Company. This company issued four stamps, and later in the same year a 20 ore value was added.