Ajman 1967 Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games Overprinted New Currency

From Stamps of the World

New currency in 1967: 1 Riyal = 100 Dirham.

Not found in Michel Asien II/1986 catalogue.


5d on 5np red brown, bright Pink & Prussian green Runners
10d on 10np dark olive green, blue gray & red brown Boxing
15d on 15np dark violet, green & sepia Runners
25d on 25np blue, salmon pink & black Judo
50d on 50np maroon, blue & indigo Gymnastics
1r on 1r dark green, lilac & ultramarine Sailing
1r50 on 1r50 lilac, green & brown Boxing
2r on 2r red orange, bistre & dark blue Judo
3r on 3r dark brown, greenish blue & lilac Sailing
5r on 5r green, yellow & red brown Gymnastics