Alderney 2015 Fauna and Flora

From Stamps of the World
  • NOTE: These stamps were supplied to New Issue Customers at the NEW rate which did not come into effect until 1st June 2015
  • Issue Date : 1st May 2015
  • Designed by : Petula Stone
  • Printed by : BDT International of Dublin
  • Print Process : Offset Lithography
  • Sheet Format: 10 (2 by 5)
  • Stamp Size : 38mm wide x 30.5mm deep
  • Paper : 100gsm unwatermarked
  • Gum : PVA
  • Perforations : 13.75
  • Withdrawn: Still on Sale and available at Face Value from WOPA. Click on: Alderney 2015 Flora and Fauna

Sheet Stamps

Sea Lavender (42p) Local Letter
Dwarf Thistle (56p) UK Letter
Hedgehog (57p) Local letter Large
Black Rabbit (62p) EUR Letter
Mole (68p) ROW Letter
Spotted Rock rose (77p UK Letter Large)

==First Day Cover== $2000

Ha ha ha ha ha

Presentation Pack

Pack (Cover)

Miniature Sheet

  • Sheet Size : 140mm wide x 100mm deep

First Day Cover