Arad (RO)

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Arad (Hungarian: Arad; Serbian: Арад/Arad) is the capital city of Arad County, situated in the region of Crişana, and having recently extended on the left bank of the Mureș river, in Banat region of western Romania. Until 1918, ARAD was part of the Austrian monarchy, Hungary province, in the Kingdom of Hungary (Transleithania) after the compromise of 1867. Then in 1918 – Arad becomes the headquarters of The Romanian National Central Council, the provisional government of Transylvania, and also its unofficial capital. Two years later in 1920, Under the Treaty of Trianon, Arad was ceded to Romania.


French Occupation Era - 1919

ARAD 2P2 Bridge type cancel used during the French Occupation of 1919 with inverteed 5 for a ç in the overprint..

Kingdom of Hungary period (1867-1918)

Circle in 1876.
Bridge in 1892.

Austrian Empire period (until 1867)

The ARAD post-office opened before 1850, depending from Grosswardein postal Directory (Oradea).

Circle in 1864ca.