Australia 1926-1930 wmk mutiple A

From Stamps of the World


  • Issue dates: 1926-1930
  • Designer:
  • Engraver:
  • Printer: A.J. Mullett or J. Ash
  • Printing process: Typo
  • Perforations: 14 or 13²x12²
  • Watermark: Multiple crown over A
  • Catalogue N°s: Yvert 50-66, SG 85-104


Perforated 14

Half d orange issue 1927 SG85
1d sage green SG86
1²d scarlet, circle to be identified SG87
1²d golden scarlet, air mail flame SG87a
2d red-brown issue 1927 SG89
3d ultramarine SG90
4d yellow-olive issue 1928 SG91
4²d violet, circle to be identified SG92
1s4d greenish-blue SG93

Perforated 13²x12²

SG#101 is not attributed.

Half d SG94
1²d scarlet
1²d red-brown
2d red-brown issue 1928, used in Victoria, Yv53A, SG98
2d golden scarlet issue 1930, SG99
3d dull ultramarine issue 1928, Yv54A, SG100
4d yellow-olive, issue 1929, used at SYDNEY. SG102
4d yellow-olive at BLACKALL QUEENSLAND in 1933. SG102
4² d
1s4d at WARWICK QUEENSLAND in 1932. SG104