Australia 1932 Sydney Harbor Bridge

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Issued to commemorate the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on March 19, 1932. The design features the Bridge from the south-east, with a passenger liner the R.M.S. Orford passing beneath it to provide a perspective of the sheer size of the bridge.

Supplies of the recess-printed 2d stamp had to be supplemented by larger supplies of letterpress-printed stamps, as a result of a late request by the Post Office for considerably increased quantities of 2d stamps to be made available.

  • Issue Date : 14 March 1932
  • Designed by : R.A. Harrison
  • Engraved by: Frank D. Manley
  • Printed by : John Ash
  • Print Process : Engraved
  • Perforations : 11
  • Watermark: None


Engraved Issue

2p red
3p blue
5sh grey green

Typographed Issue

2p red

Official Stamps

  • Overprinted: O S in black
2p red
3p blue