Australia 1937 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of New South Wales

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 01 Oct 1937
  • Stamp design: E. Broad and Frank D. Manley
  • Engraved by: E. Broad and F. D. Manley
  • Printer: John Ash
  • Printing process: Recess
  • Stamp size: 31x22 mm
  • Watermark: Multiple crown and C of A
  • Perforations: 13½ x 14
  • Catalogue N°s: Michel 153-155, SG 193-195

This design was taken from a painting by John Allcot, showing Captain Phillip & officers at Sydney Cove January 26, 1788.

Unused stamps

2d scarlet
3d bright blue
9d purple

Used stamps

3d used at WOLSELEY in 1938.
9d used at CAMPBELL TOWN in Nov. 1937.