Australia 1947 150th Anniversary of City of Newcastle, New South Wales

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 08 Sep 1947
  • Stamp design: Frank D. Manley (2½d and 3½d) and G Lissenden (5½d)
  • Engraved by: F. D. Manley (2½d and 3½d) and G Lissenden (5½d)
  • Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
  • Printing process: Recess
  • Stamp size:
  • Watermark: Multiple crown and C of A (sideways on 3½d)
  • Perforations: 15 x 14 (2½d) or 14½ (3½d and 5½d)

Lieutenant John Shortland, discovered the Hunter River estuary, where the city of Newcastle was built, but by error the portrait on the 2½d Red is that of his father Captain John Shortland, the 3½d Blue design shows the Steel Foundry at Newcastle & the 5½d Green shows a coal crane.

2½d lake
3½d blue
5½d green