Australia 1998 Bicentenary of Bass & Flinders Circumnavigation of Tasmania

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Australia 1998 Bicentenary of Bass & Flinders Circumnavigation of Tasmania bass.jpg
  • Issue Date: 10 September 1998
  • Designed by: Lynda Warner
  • Printed by: McPherson's Printing Group, Mulgrave
  • Print Process: Lithography
  • Perforations: 14½ x 14
  • Withdrawal date: 30 April 1999


This issue highlights the Bicentenary of the circumnavigation of Van Dieman's Land (now called Tasmania), by George Bass & Matthew Flinders. They both arrived in New South Wales on the HMS Reliance in September 1795 and immediately began charting and exploring the coastline. On 7 October 1798 they left Port Jackson on board the Norfolk to explore Van Dieman's Land. The brig Nautilus accompanied them as it was on it's way to Cape Barren Island. After circumnavigating Van Dieman's Land they arrived back at Port Jackson on 12 January 1799.


45c George Bass Stamp

The George Bass stamp features an excerpt from a letter he wrote to Sir Joseph Banks in 1799, detailing his finding Bass Strait along with Finders' sextant and a map detailing the separation of Tasmania from the mainland.

45c George Bass

45c Matthew Flinders Stamp

The Matthew Flinders stamp features the map, an excerpt from the narrative of the exploration undertaken in the Norfolk, and Flinders' telescope.

45c Matthew Flinders

Se-tenant Pair

The se-tenant pair are integrated with a traditional compass image.

Se-tenant pair x 45c

Gutter Strip

Gutter strip of 10 x 45c plus 5 labels

First Day Covers

The first day of issue postmark was Navigators VIC 3352.

First day cover
Postal numismatic cover

Maximum Cards

45c George Bass maximum card
45c Matthew Flinders maximum card