Australia 2001 Colour My Day

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Australia 2001 Colour My Day a.jpg
  • Issue Date: 24 April 2001
  • Designed by: Doug Pitt, Jimmy Chan, Chris Shurey and Janet Boschen
  • Printed by: SNP Ausprint
  • Print Process: Lithography
  • Perforations: 14 x 14¼
  • Stamp Size: 30 mm x 30 mm (50 mm x 30 mm with tab)
  • Format: sheets of 20


The five colourful, highly versatile designs of Colour My Day were printed with title tabs (labels). The issue includes different designs for domestic and two different designs for international use. The designs take into account different style preferences in the domestic and international markets.


45c Let’s Party Stamp

The Let's Party stamp takes an illustrative approach to the theme with balloons and streamers in bright colours. This stamp was designed by Jimmy Chan.

45c 2001

45c Smile Stamp

This stamp features the popular ‘Happy Face’ at the centre of an red Gerbera shown against an orange and pink background. It was designed by Chris Shurey.

45c Let’s Party

45c 2001 Stamp

This stamp celebrates the ‘real’ millennium with some reference to celebrating nationhood on the centenary of federation. The design is colourful featuring abstract streamers and foil. The stamp was designed by Janet Boschen.

45c Smile

$1 Leaps and Bounds Stamp

The Leaps and Bounds stamp sports a red kangaroo and her joey against their grasslands habitat. This stamp was designed by Doug Pitt.

$1 Leaps and Bounds

$1.50 Bayulu Banner Stamp

The design on this stamp uses a reproduction of a detail from a colourful banner in synthetic polymer paint on canvas by the Aboriginal Bayulu Community of Fitzroy Crossing. The banner is in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria. The stamp was also designed by Doug Pitt.

$1.50 Bayulu Banner

Personalizable Sheetlets

  • Issue date: 4 September 2001

This issue was also available in sheets of 20 that could be printed with a personalized tab (label). These personalized sheets included a decorative selvedge.

Sheet of 20 x 45c Let’s Party
Sheet of 20 x 45c Smile
Sheet of 20 x 45c 2001
Sheet of 20 x $1 Leaps and Bounds
Sheet of 20 x $1.50 Bayulu Banner

First Day Cover

The first day of issue postmark was Bright VIC 3741.

First day cover of 5 values

Maximum Cards

45c Let’s Party maximum card
45c Smile maximum card
45c 2001 maximum card
$1 Leaps and Bounds maximum card
$1.50 Bayulu Banner maximum card

Prestige Booklet

  • Issue date: 31 October 2003

A prestige booklet was issue with the $1 Leaps and Bounds stamp. The format was 2 panes of 4 stamps each.

Prestige booklet front cover
Prestige booklet back cover

Presentation Pack

Presentation pack front cover
Presentation pack inside cover
Presentation pack of 5 values