Australia 2005 Australian Wildflowers

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  • Issue Date : 5 July 2005
  • Designed by : Janet Boschen
  • Printed by : SEP Sprint, Pemara Labels (coils of 200)
  • Print Process : Lithography
  • Dimensions: 30mm x 25mm


There are some 18,000 species of flowering plants native to Australia, grouped in about 200 families. Like the continent's distinctive fauna, the flora has evolved in isolation for 50 million years, and many plants and flowers are found nowhere else on earth.


Sheet Stamps

  • Perforations: 14 x 14½
  • Format: sheets of 50

50c Sturt's Desert Pea Stamp

This prostrate biennial or annual plant grows in arid regions of the Northern Territory and all mainland states except Victoria (Australia)Victoria. The leaves and stems are covered in downy hairs and the vivid red flowers are about nine centimetres long and arranged in clusters of six to eight on short, thick erect stalks. The fruit is a legume measuring about five centimetres long that splits at maturity releasing several flat kidney-shaped seeds. The spectacular flowers are the floral emblem of South Australia.

50c Sturt's Desert Pea

50c Coarse-leaved Mallee Stamp

A small mallee from three to six metres high, this eucalyptus species is distinctive for its large, thick glossy leaves. The bullet-shaped buds are red and the attractive yellow to yellow-green flowers appear in axillary umbels of up to seven from August to November. Each of the blooms measure up to four centimetres in diameter. The tree occurs naturally south from Salmon Gums, and westward to the area near Newdegate, in Western Australia.

50c Coarse-leaved Mallee

50c Common Fringe Lily Stamp

Blooming in spring and summer, this lily is an erect perennial herb growing up to 60 centimetres high. The mauve flowers have three broad, finely fringed petals, in groups of one to eight at the ends of branched stems up to 80 centimetres long. The plant is widespread in heath, woodland and open forest and can be found in all mainland states.

50c Common Fringe Lily

50c Swamp Daisy Stamp

This plant is a small shrub growing up to a metre in height, with wiry, erect stems. It is not a true daisy, but belongs to the myrtle family. The flower heads, around three to four centimetres in diameter, consist of clusters composed of white sterile outer flowers and fertile smaller pink inner ones. The shrub is native to low-lying, moist sandy areas in the south-west of Western Australia.

50c Swamp Daisy

Se-tenant Strip

Se-tenant strip of 4 x 50c

Self-Adhesive Stamps

SNP Sprint Printing

  • Perforations: serpentine die cut 11¼ x 11
  • Formats: sheetlets of 5, booklets of 10 and 20, coils of 100
Single Stamps
50c Sturt's Desert Pea
50c Coarse-leaved Mallee
50c Common Fringe Lily
50c Swamp Daisy
Coil Strip
Coil strip of 4 x 50c
$2.50 sheetlet of 5 cover
$5.00 booklet of 10 cover
Sheetlet of 5 x 50c
Booklet pane of 10 x 50c
$10.00 booklet of 20 cover
Booklet pane of 20 x 50c

Pemara Labels Printing

  • Perforations: die cut 12¾
  • Format: coils of 200
Single Stamps
50c Sturt's Desert Pea
50c Coarse-leaved Mallee
50c Common Fringe Lily
50c Swamp Daisy
Coil Strip
Coil strip of 4 x 50c

First Day Covers

The first day of issue postmark was Botany NSW 2019. A first day cover for the Pemara Labels printing was not officially produced.

First day cover - sheet stamps
First day cover - self-adhesive stamps (SNP Sprint)

Maximum Cards

50c Sturt's Desert Pea maximum card
50c Coarse-leaved Mallee maximum card
50c Common Fringe Lily maximum card
50c Swamp Daisy maximum card

Presentation Pack

Presentation pack front cover
Presentation pack back cover
Presentation pack of 4 x 50c