Bad Saulgau (DE)

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Bad Saulgau (Saulgau before 2000) is a town (17,509 inhabitants end 2018), in the district of Sigmaringen, in Baden-Württemberg. It is situated east of Sigmaringen, between the Danube and Lake Constance.

The location was already a Celtic settlement and owes its name to the spring goddess Sulis. In 1239, the town was acknowledged by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor. It became a possession of the House of Habsburg in 1299, and thus part of the Holy Roman Empire.

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Postmarks in Germany

code 88348

Postmarks in the Empire of Germany

After 1 January 1903.

Postmarks in the Kingdom of Württemberg

3-circle SAULGAU on a 1863 issue.
Circle SAULGAU in 1919 (?) on a 1917 official issue.