Bolivia 1878 Definitives - Coat of Arms (book)

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue Date: November 1878
  • Designed by: ABN?
  • Print Run : see below
  • Print Process: Recess
  • Printer: ABN, New York
  • Perforations: 12
  • Stamp Size : 19x24 mm
  • Catalogue Numbers : Michel 18-21, Yvert 19-22

Unused stamps

Blue 1,000,000
Orange 1,500,000
Green 500,000
Carmine 100,000

Used stamps

5c blue, Antiqua linear at S CRUZ. Mi18
5c Antiqua italic, linear at SUCRE.
5c black decorated at POTOSI
10 c orange, Oval violet at COCHABAMBA Mi19
10 c oval at POTOSI FRANCA
10 c double oval at SUCRE
10 c mute (star).
10 c Antiqua linear
20c green, mute (grid).
20c mute (grid of diamonds).
20c frame CERTIFICADA Mi20
50c carmine, violet linear Cancelado Mi21