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Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary,and one of the largest cities in the European Union. Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube with its unification on 17 November 1873 of Buda and Óbuda, on the west bank, with Pest, on the east bank. More information at

Postmarks in Hungary

BUDAPEST 9 L in 1947.
BUDAPEST 90 F in 1951.
Bridge type cancel BUDAPEST 3 in 1970.
Circle & flame cancel BUDAPEST 72 in 1985.
18th Temafila 4-6 Oct 2019, Budapest 72 4 Oct 2019

Meter cancels

Meter cancel Budapest 1966
Meter cancel Budapest 1996
Meter cancel Budapest 2016

Meter Cancels on Covers

Meter cancel Budapest 1985

Cards and Covers

Stampset.png 1967 Budapest to Sofia, BG

Kingdom of Hungary era (1920-1945)

Bridge crown on 1932 issue
Bridge - 51 H in 1934
Bridge - 62 AL in 1935
Bridge - 72 BO in 1937
Bridge - 62 Ae in 1937
Bridge - 62 Pa in 1937
BUDAPEST AL 62 AL Crown in Bridge Cancel in 1938
Bridge - 2 N in 1938
BUDAPEST 4 in 1922
BUDAPEST in 1923

Kingdom of Hungary era (1867-1918)

Main office - Föposta

BUDA became District I in 1873.

BUDA before 1871.
BUDA Vizi-varos (water city) in 1872.
Föposta on a 1871 recess issue
BUDAPEST Föposta in 1874.
BUDAPEST Föposta in 1875.
BUDAPEST Délutá (Pm) in 1877.
BUDAPEST Délután in 1881.
Journal stamp in 1881ca.
BUDAPEST Föposta Este (Evening) in 1890.
BUDAPEST A Postal stationery in 1893.
BUDAPEST K in 1896.
Bridge BUDAPEST N FÖPOSTA in 1899.
Bridge BUDAPEST FÖPOSTA in 1900.

Post Headquarters

Frame M.KIR.POSTAIGAZGATÓSÁG BUDAPESTEN in 1874ca on 3 stamps. Sold 260 SF in 2003.


PEST joined BUDAPEST on 17 November 1873.

PEST Délutá (Pm) in 1869.
PEST in 1870.
PEST DÉLUTÁ in July 1871 on the first Hungarian (litho) issue.
PEST VAROS town in July 1871 on the first Hungarian (litho) issue.


The link with the districts needs to be established.

BUDAPEST Köbánya (Budapest X) in 1874.
Circle BUDAPEST D.K.V. (?) on issue 1874.
Circle BUDAPEST Kerepesi út in 1890
Circle BUDAPEST VÁCZ .. in 1897 - wrong file name

Numbered offices

Sorted by the number

Bridge BUDAPEST 5 R in 1899.
Bridge BUDAPEST 51 B in 1898.
Bridge BUDAPEST 55 N in 1905.
Bridge BUDAPEST 72 Y on a 1901 issue.
Bridge BUDAPEST 72 A.V. in 1910.
Bridge BUDAPEST 80 B in 1898.
Bridge BUDAPEST 83 B in 1901.

Cards and Covers

Budapest Letter Delivery postmark on 5 May 1878 letter card
BUDAPEST FÖPOSTA EJJEL (Budapest Foreign Night cancel) on Postal stationery card to Stuttgart, Germany in 1886.
BUDAPEST FÖPOSTA (Central post office) to London on 13 June 1900.
BUDAPEST LTc 4 to Reykjavik on 20 August 1906.

Railway postmarks

BUDAPEST-PRAGERHOF 8 (Klein gDjv,160 points). Arrival KLAGENFURT type aKe on 28 May (1874).

Austrian Empire Hungary Crownland

The PESTH and BUDA-OFEN post offices opened before 1850.



PESTH, usual on the 1850 issue, 2 kr.
PESTH, 3 kr.
PESTH on 9 kr, 1851 sub-issue, Mueller type RhK-f.


PESTH Mueller type RSb-f (common) on a 1 kr 1850ca.
PESTH Abends on a 1859 issue.
PESTH Abends on a 1861 issue.
Ornamented PESTH, Mueller type RSo-f on a 1859 issue.
PESTH on a 1859 issue.
PESTH in 1863.
PESTH on a 1863 issue.


PESTH Mueller type GF-fh (Hammer, Mueller 12x8 points) on a registered cover with 18 kr on the first issue.



Cover from OFEN

The OFEN WASSERSTADT office was moved in 1853.

Blue DC, Registered cover to Vienna in 1852, with rare OFEN recomend frame (175x8 points). Sold 1,700 SF 2003.

Station post office

The Station post office opened in 1850.


Registered postmarks

On the 1864 issue. OFEN/RECOMEND. is very rare.

File:Budapest (HU) AE Rec a.jpg
Red circle PEST RECOMMANDIRT on 10 kr. Mueller type RGS-f (6*10 points).
File:Budapest (HU) AE Rec b.jpg
File:Budapest (HU) AE Rec ba.jpg

Registered covers

Red circle PEST RECOMMANDIRT on a cover to PRAG with 2 & 3 kr. Sold 1,600 SF in 2003.