Cabo Gracias a Dios (NI)

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Cabo Gracias a Dios is a cape located in the middle of the east coast of Central America, within what is variously called the Mosquito Coast and La Mosquitia. It is the point where the Rio Coco flows into the Caribbean, and is the border between the Nicaraguan North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region and the Honduran department also known as Gracias a Dios.

The point was designated as the official Honduras - Nicaragua border by an award of King Alfonso XIII of Spain in 1906, and confirmed by the International Court of Justice in 1960. It issued own (overprinted) stamps in the 1904-1909 period.

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1904-1909 period

Violet Cabo 14² mm ovpt, fragment in 1907.


Fragment with Cabo (1905 ovpt) & COSTA ATLANTICA C (1907 ovpt) in 1907.