Ceylon 1863-1867 watermark Crowned CC

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue dates: 1863-1869
  • Design :
  • Printer : Perkins, Bacon & Co, London
  • Printing Process : typo
  • Perforations : 12½ (also some 11½, 13)
  • Watermark: 2 slightly different crown and CC
Crown and CC
  • Catalogue N°s: Yvert 32-44, Michel 29-41, SG 45-59, 63-72 (small CC)

Used stamps

Higher CC issues 1863-1865

1/2d mauve, unused Yv43 SG48

Smaller CC issues 1867-1870

1d blue Yv32
2d green
2d olive-yellow
2d ochre
4d rose oval A
4d rose oval & circle SG65
5d olive
6d brown
8d chocolate SG68
8d lake-brown oval A SG68b
9d dark brown SG69a
10d red-orange
1s violet
1s violet oval B SG71
2s dark blue Yv42
2s dark blue Yv42 SG72